Student Media Board

The Student Media Board is composed of students, staff and faculty representing the major student organizations, and several departments on campus. The Board in its monthly meetings oversees the general operation of Student Media, sets terms and policies, mediates disputes and hires the media heads. The Student Media Board also provides oversight and direction to a student multicultural and minority magazine (expressions), an art and literary magazine (Rebel), a student-interest magazine (The Hook), an advertising and marketing agency (The Agency), the student newspaper (The East Carolinian) and the student FM radio station (WZMB 91.3 FM).

Student Media Board members


Editor-in-Chief of the Print Division

WZMB General Manager

Creative Director

Undergraduate Representative

Communication Representative

Graduate Student Council Representative



Faculty Representative

Advertising/Marketing Professional

Journalism Professional (2)

Administrative Representative

Student Media Heads

Print Division
(The East Carolinian, Rebel, Expressions, The Hook,
Anchors Away)
Jaylin Roberts

Creative Division
(Design and Visual Arts)

Nia Cruz

Broadcast Division
(WZMB 91.3 FM)

Cannon Gates

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